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Casket Lowering Device Repair

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Repair & Restoration

Let our Certified Repair Technicians help make your lowering device look and perform like new again.

If your Standard, Imperial, or Master Lowering Device is in need of repair, let Frigid Fluid Co. do the work. Our Certified Repair Technicians use the same Frigid parts that go into new lowering devices, ensuring your device will work like new. We can also re-finish your lowering device so that it looks as good as the day you bought it. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.



Contact us at 800-621-4719 and we will:

  • We will Fax/Email you a label to have the device brought to our shop.
  • Please include a completed Repair Quote Request form with your boxed device.
  • We will Fax/Email you a quote with an itemized list of parts and repairs.
  • We will repair and return your device. Repairs typically take between 2-3 weeks.


Do it yourself:

Don’t forget that Frigid Fluid is your best source for parts if you choose to do certain repairs yourself. Have a look at the downloads section of our website for equipment diagrams. These diagrams are useful for determining where each part goes.


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