Embalm with Precision

Introducing The Frigid Embalming Machine

Using information provided by over 100 embalmers surveyed in the USA and around the world, Frigid Fluid designed a machine that will meet the needs of embalmers for many years to come. Taking advantage of new technology in materials and hydraulic sensing, the Frigid Embalming Machine seamlessly combines the reliability of mechanical operation with the precision of digital computation, resulting in a product that is truly state of the art. As an added bonus for pre orders, look below to see the beautiful, gleaming, personalized color options available to truly make the prep room your own!

Quieter. Easier. Safer. Smarter.

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No Reason To Live In The Past

A Modern Machine For A Modern Embalmer

Traditional embalming machines and other embalming options are decades old.

While other companies become complacent,  Frigid Fluid steps forward with an innovative Embalming Machine engineered with the embalmer in mind.

Engineered. Trusted. Frigid.

Thoroughly Tested and Reliable.

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Over 2,500 Hours Engineering & Development Time

108 Embalmers Provided In-Depth Surveys. Rigorous Testing Conducted.
ETL, CE, FCC and CB certified. 2 Patents Pending.

When our team set out to design this machine, we took advantage of all current improvements in technology and listened to the incredible feedback we received from embalmers around the world. Through many brainstorming sessions, whiteboards, and the incredible expertise of our two contributing embalmers, Matt Smith and John Ligda, we were able to zero in on a world class design. A design we hope, using your favorite color, you use to make your prep room your own! No more ugly, difficult to use designs. It was time for a beautiful machine to be made and we're very proud to put the Frigid Fluid name on it.

Brian Yeazel
Brian YeazelDesign Lead & President
"After a year and a half of working on this project we have created one hell of an embalming machine. It is beautiful, fun to use, durable and precise. There is nothing better available on the market today."
Kristin Zietlow
Kristin ZietlowOwner - EVO Engineering
“It has been an amazing experience being a part of the Frigid team to design and develop this device. Fueled by their drive to develop the best product in the world, we worked together to perfect a design based on real user needs. The culture at Frigid is customer-centric and innovative, and this product embodies those principles.”
John Ligda
John LigdaContributing Embalmer
"Participating in the field testing and final stages of development of this magnificent machine was a privilege and something I am pleased to be associated with. The engineers listened to our concerns and realized solutions in real time. The addition of the digital temperature sensor is a game changer in the field of arterial embalming."

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Meticulously Designed With The Frigid Fluid Difference.

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