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In 1892 JA Krum, our founder, invented a line of embalming fluid under the name Chicago Chemical. These products became very popular and the company morphed into what is now known as Frigid Fluid Company.  JA Krum originally began delivering his fluids to local funeral homes throughout the Chicago area by horse and buggy.  Due to his efforts and Frigid Fluid’s success, a century later, we are still mixing many of his original products and shipping them internationally to six continents.


On top of selling products that have been perfected over the last century, we continue to revolutionize the industries standard for quality. The recent introduction of our Silitech Formula has raised the bar, once again for what an embalming fluid should be.  Our Silicone Technology greatly improves diffusion, saturation, and preservation.


There are several reasons for the success of our products. Our fluids are mixed in small batches, concentrating on quality and performance. This is all done in house, giving us full control over our own mixing standards and supply. We also, have removed all Phenols, greatly reducing the occurrence of grey bodies.  In addition to creating better overall products, removing Phenols allows our products to be non-HAZMAT, cutting down on shipping costs, time, and hassle on your end, and ours.

If you’re interested in trying our products, we offer a free 12 bottle sample case for all embalmers. Call 1-(800)-621-4719 now and ask for details.


The Advantages of Our Silicone Technology

Expert Embalmer, Matt Smith discusses the advantages of Silicone Technology and why he chooses them over competing products.


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