Master Lowering Device

Max Load Bearing: 1000 lbs.

Total Unit Weight: 125 lbs.

Heavy Duty aluminum and stainless steel body

  • Resists corrosion and maintains appearance
  • Provides strength and durability

Rugged Mechanism

  • Quality steel and bronze – not nylon or plastic
  • Precision tooled for smooth, quiet operation
  • Engineered for reliability and longevity

Modular Design

  • Compact shipping and storage
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance

[icon name=”icon-caret-right” size=”26″ color=”055a39″] HOW TO PURCHASE
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[icon name=”icon-cog” size=”26″ color=”#055a39″] Plain Package (Included with Device)

By default, all casket lowering devices are shipped with a stainless steel crank handle and a set of straps.
Lowering Device Stainless Steel Crank Handle Device Straps

[icon name=”icon-cog” size=”26″ color=”#055a39″] Placer Set Package (Optional)

Among the many available accessories for your casket lowering device is our Placer Roller Set. Rubber covered rollers aid pallbearers in smoothly positioning the casket over the lowering device. The adjustable end stop ensures the casket will not roll off the device once positioned. Our placer roller set includes 4 placer arms with molded rubber rollers, 1 end roller with molded rubber roller, 1 end stop and 2 guide rods.
Master with Placers Lowering Device Stainless Steel Crank Handle Device Straps
Placer Roller Set

[icon name=”icon-cog” size=”26″ color=”#055a39″] 3-in-1 Combo Package (Optional)

Our 3-in-1 Device Package combines our most popular accessories to provide the smooth positioning features and adjustable end-stop of the Placer Roller Set along with a drape-covered Device Stand for an elegant and versatile grave site setup.
Master 3in1 Lowering Device Stainless Steel Crank Handle Device Straps
Placer Roller Set Stand with Drapes