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Rose Colortone Dye

Embalmers who desire superior results should try Rose Colortone Dye by Frigid. Rose Colortone Dye is a concentrated dye that can be added to arterial fluid to get a natural life-like color. When injected, this dye stains the tissue ensuring long lasting effects. Rose Colortone Dye is compatible with all arterial and supplemental fluids.
Price is per 16oz bottle.

Contact Embalming Spray

One of the strongest embalming sprays available.
Use on bedsores, gangrene, putrefactive areas, cancer, floaters and more to embalm and deodorize on contact.
Trigger sprayer available upon request.
16 oz.


Stop is the chemical of choice for controlling tissue gas. Composed of two powerful disinfectants with the ability to penetrate deeply and rapidly, Stop gets to the source of tissue gas easily. Once in contact with the anaerobic bacteria, which causes tissue gas, Stop destroys the bacteria and eliminates further tissue gas spread, decomposition, and odor formation.
Not available online. Call to order 708-836-1215
16 oz. bottle


For cases showing signs of dehydration the co-injection to choose is Humectant. An emulsion of several special oils and moisturizing agents, Humectant helps to fill sallow tissue and return a life-like appearance and skin texture. Wrinkling is controlled and a proper moisture level is restored.
Price is for a 12pk case.

Plasma Flo

For embalming bodies when congealed and clotted blood is anticipated, Plasma Flo is the chemical of choice. For many years embalmers have relied on Plasma Flo to clear and prepare the vascular system for optimum fluid distribution and penetration.
Price is for a 12pk case.

Free Flo

A unique co-injection, Free Flo is designed to improve distribution and drainage by freeing capillaries of congealing blood. Free Flo, when used with an arterial fluid, markedly improves the ability of the diluted arterial to displace the blood and allow the preservative chemical to do its work.
Price is for a 12pk case.


Frigid’s Rigid is a high index arterial fluid designed to furnish a firm body. It includes a unique blend of buffers and humectants and plasticizers to help modify the harshness of the formaldehyde. Rigid features a very effective surfactant for thorough distribution and deep penetration of the body tissues.
Price is for a 24pk case.


When a mild fluid is needed to flush out the arterial system, we recommend Solvol pre-injection fluid. A 6 index
Fluid, Solvol is excellent for clearing the body to allow for better distribution and penetration of an arterial fluid.
Special ingredients help prevent waterlogging sometimes associated with pre-injections and also help to remove discoloration.
Price is for a 24pk case.


For the most difficult cases we recommend 32 index Standard arterial fluid. This fluid contains a high level of formaldehyde, the most effective and efficient preservative chemical available. Standard also is formulated with a generous amount of formaldehyde modifier and humectant to control dehydration.
Price is for a 24pk case.


When a slightly firmer body is desired or a case calls for a little more preservative than is normally available in a 20 to 25index fluid, Eotone arterial fluid is the answer. Eotone is a 27 index arterial with good preservative power. It contains buffers and humectants to moderately modify its formaldehyde level.
Price is for a 24pk case.


Containing three disinfecting and preserving agents, 25 index Flotone arterial fluid gives the embalmer the perfect tool for a medium firm body. Modifying chemicals work to ease the harsh effect of formaldehyde and prevent dehydration.
Price is for a 24pk case.


When the soft, smooth skin texture supplied by lanolin is desired, Lanol-Tex arterial fluid is the choice. Containing one of the highest amounts of lanolin available in an arterial fluid, Lanol-Tex is an especially good fluid for dry, emaciated cases as well as those that may need some extra protection from dehydration.
Price is for a 24pk case.

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