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Water Clot Guard

For outstanding control of hard water salts, Water/Clot Guard is the choice. Frequently the cause of a blotchy appearance and fading color, hard water that exceeds 80-ppm calcium carbonate cannot be neutralized by the chemicals in arterial fluid alone.
Price is for a 24pk case.

Cavity King

When the security of plenty of formaldehyde and good penetration is desired, we recommend Cavity King. At 25 index this cavity fluid furnishes excellent preservative power to protect against visceral putrefaction and odor development.
Price is for a 24 bottle case.

Dry Guard

Dry Guard’s special formula results in excellent penetration and preservation of tissue. The affected tissue is very firm and dry, assuring the embalmer that the tissues of the cavities are well preserved. The possibility of missed areas within the cavities, and subsequent decomposition, is reduced by the penetrating ability of the fluid.
Price is for a 24pk case.

5-Purpose Cavity

For unequalled penetration, 5-Purpose Cavity is the answer. Because of its special formulation, formaldehyde can penetrate deeply into tissue so that areas that are difficult to treat or reach are thoroughly preserved. Along with its excellent penetration properties, 5-Purpose Cavity combines the use of proven disinfectants, deodorizers, and preservatives to form a superior external pack.
Price is for a 24 bottle case.


A 20 index arterial fluid, X-20 provides a soft but well-preserved and life-like feel and appearance to the body and skin. X-20 contains six ingredients, including silicone oils, which modify the harsh effects of formaldehyde.
Price is for a 24pk case.

Natural Tone

Natural Tone is a 20 index arterial fluid, which furnishes a life-like skin texture and color. Containing silicone, Natural Tone penetrates amazingly well. The silicone combined with a mild but very effective buffer system results in an excellent and uniform cosmetic effect. The feel of the skin is soft, smooth, and natural.
Price is for a 24pk case.

Perfect Tone

Perfect Tone arterial fluid is our answer to a low formaldehyde content arterial that gives a soft, smooth cosmetic effect and a thoroughly embalmed body. An 18 index fluid, Perfect Tone combines the effectiveness of formaldehyde with the distributing and modifying effects of silicone and lanolin.
Price is for a 24pk case.

Premium Jaundice

Premium Jaundice brings together three factors found to be effective with jaundiced bodies. 1) It contains a chemical, which bleaches the color of bilirubin, the pigment responsible for the yellowing of the tissue. 2) It contains a generous number of agents designed to promote distribution throughout the body, and thus facilitate the flushing of yellow pigment from the body. 3) It also contains a low level of formaldehyde (8 index) so that large volumes of diluted fluid can effectively be used to flush the body.
Price is for a 24pk case.

Tissue Aid

For emaciated cases we recommend Tissue Aid. This supplemental embalming fluid contains special moisture retaining compounds known as natural colloids. Natural colloids are particularly effective at working from within a body to recover the proper hydration level in the cells so that the body’s natural appearance and form are restored.
Price is for a 24pk case.

Cavity 55

Cavity 55 gives the embalmer a low odor, formaldehyde containing cavity fluid with especially good disinfection and deodorizing capability and excellent penetration. Combining the action of four proven preservatives and disinfectants, Cavity 55 quickly penetrates to the areas where putrefaction and odor production are taking place and stops them in their tracks.
Price is for a 24pk case.


Pharos Cavity fluid is our highest index fluid (index 36). It provides rapid set-up and is extremely effective on posted cases. Also is formulated with additional organic germicides and used when exceptional tissue firmness is desired. Contains phenol.

Price is for a 24 bottle case.

Color Guard I

Color Guard I is a new idea in jaundice treatment. Not just a mask or highly buffered arterial fluid, Color Guard I’s chemicals actually react with bilirubin to change its yellow coloration to a red or rosy tone. The yellow of jaundice can be significantly reduced, especially in the visible areas of the body.
Price is for a 24 bottle case.

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