• Color Guard I is a new idea in jaundice treatment. Not just a mask or highly buffered arterial fluid, Color Guard I’s chemicals actually react with bilirubin to change its yellow coloration to a red or rosy tone. The yellow of jaundice can be significantly reduced, especially in the visible areas of the body.
    Price is for a 24 bottle case.

  • Premium Cavity brings together the action of five potent preservatives and disinfectants resulting in an outstanding fluid. Among its features are excellent penetration, effective preservatives, broad-spectrum disinfection, low formaldehyde odor, and the presence of Stop to halt tissue gas.
    Price is for a 24 bottle case.

  • Tissue Guard 32 Plus has been reformulated as a result of a recent finding that the chemical ethylene dichloride is not safe for septic systems. This chemical has been removed from the fluid and the name has been changed to Tissue Guard 32. If your prep room is attached to a septic system then you should use this fluid in place of 36 Plus.
    Price is for a 24 bottle case.

  • 36 Plus is our best selling fluid. It is a high index general-purpose arterial fluid that assures preservation and pleasing results with both normal and difficult cases. Featuring our trademarked SILITECH, its special blend of penetrants helps the formaldehyde reach all parts of the circulatory system assuring thorough tissue saturation and complete preservation. Price is for a 24 bottle case
  • Leak Guard is a unique supplemental fluid designed to prevent leakage of body fluids and to pull excessive moisture from the body. Leak Guard combines an effective pore closer with a proven moisture reducer and tissue hardener. Badly bloated bodies frequently leak through the pores, complicating their preservation and the layout procedure.
    Price is for a 24pk case.

    • Embalm with your fluid of choice
    • Patent-pending Mix/Self-Clean
    • Custom-designed laboratory-strength Borosilicate Glass Tank
    • Patent-pending Smart Lid
    • Ultra-Sonic Flow Sensor
    • Dual Digital Displays
    • On Display Temperature
    • Internationally Tested and Certified
    PRE ORDER FOR US CUSTOMERS ONLY Frigid Embalming Machine excluded from "Pay on Account" payment method


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