• This disposable N95 particulate respirator helps provide reliable respiratory protection against certain oil and non-oil based particles. Constructed with a carbon filter layer for nuisance levels of acid gases. Price is for a 35 per box. BACK ORDERED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  • The Airbrush Kit includes: Compressor, Airbrush Gun, 6' Smoke Color Hose, AC adapter, Compressor (Champagne or Black), Eight 0.25 oz shades in glamour, 1 practice shade, Practice paper, 1 bottle citrus cleaner, Training DVD, 1.2 oz. empty bottle for water, One Moist N' Dewy finish spray, Three Eyebrow Stencils, Airbrush Gun Protector Sleeve, Airbrush gun tip and cup protectors.
  • Blank Manilla Toe Tags  
  • Disposable Plastic Syringe, Luer-Lock Tip, 20cc.
  • A facial mask and eye shield all in one-- this mask is made of polypropylene outer facing for added protection against fluids, plus inner cellulose facing for comfort.  The eyeshield has a non-glare wrap with an anti-fog strip to help prevent eyeglasses from fogging.  Late-free. Masks sold individually. BACKORDERED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  • White Plastic Sleeves - Pair
  • Used to thin Feature Builder and clean instruments. 16 oz.
  • White Plastic Pants - Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
  • White Plastic Stockings in Pairs. Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
  • White Plastic Pants, Available in Sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
  • Anal/vaginal plug Available each
  • White Plastic Capri Pants - Available in Sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
  • Banner Only, Orange w/Black

  • Disposable safety scalpel with #15 blade.  Complies with OSHA safety standards.

  • One of the strongest embalming sprays available. Use on bedsores, gangrene, putrefactive areas, cancer, floaters and more to embalm and deodorize on contact. Trigger sprayer available upon request. 16 oz.
  • An all-natural odor neutralizer, X-O is safer than chemical alternatives. While some products are used to mask unpleasant odors, X-O eliminates odors permanently. Spray into the air or directly onto a surface to obtain an odorless environment. 8 oz. Bottle Also available in 16 oz. and Gallon size.
  • MAX 2 QTY PER ORDER A lanolin-based spray that helps prevent dehydration and provides an excellent base for cosmetics. Price is for a 5.5 oz. bottle.  
  • One pound rolls, 100% absorbent cotton. Sold in 1 lb roll.
  • The fastest and most effective way to seal lips, eyelids, and incisions. Aron Alpha is a high-strength, instant adhesive that dries clear and colorless in less than 45 seconds.
    Price is for five (5) 2-gram bottles.

  • Seals incisions to prevent seepage. Sets instantly and shapes itself. Adheres flawlessly and dries quickly. 9.2oz. bottle (also available in 6 lb pail)
  • All caps comply with NFPA standards and are latexfree. Double-stitched elastic band keeps caps flat and comfortable on the forehead. Economy Cap. Lint Free. Made of Spunbond Polypropylene. Available in Blue 100/box BACKORDERED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  • Wire Frame Glove Dispenser

  • White Plastic UnionAlls - Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XXL.
  • Red hazardous waste bag that holds up to 35 gallons of disposable material. Each bag is imprinted with “infection waste” in both English and Spanish.

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