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Feature Builder Solvent

Used to thin Feature Builder and clean instruments.
16 oz.


Designed to absorb leaks and protect against stains.


A/V Closure

Anal/vaginal plug
Available each

Orifice Guard

An effective disinfectant for pre-embalming treatment of parts of the body where surface disinfection may be necessary.

Roll Cotton

One pound rolls, 100% absorbent cotton. Sold in 1 lb roll.

Contact Embalming Spray

One of the strongest embalming sprays available.
Use on bedsores, gangrene, putrefactive areas, cancer, floaters and more to embalm and deodorize on contact.
Trigger sprayer available upon request.
16 oz.

Disposable Safety Scalpel

Disposable safety scalpel with #15 blade.  Complies with OSHA safety standards.


Wall mount Surgical scrub dispenser.

Click Here for Surgical Scrub

Frigid Lanol Care

A lanolin-based spray that helps prevent dehydration and provides an excellent base for cosmetics.

Price is for a 5.5 oz. bottle.

X-O Odor Neutralizer – 8 oz.

An all-natural odor neutralizer, X-O is safer than chemical alternatives. While some products are used to mask unpleasant odors, X-O eliminates odors permanently.
Spray into the air or directly onto a surface to obtain an odorless environment.
8 oz. Bottle
Also available in 16 oz. and Gallon size.

Sta-Seal – 9.2 oz. Bottle

Seals incisions to prevent seepage. Sets instantly and shapes itself. Adheres flawlessly and dries quickly.
9.2oz. bottle (also available in 6 lb pail)

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