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Medium Weight Isolating Gown

Impervious material passes ASTM F1670 test method.
Gowns offer excellent fluid protection for worry-free job performance.

Nat. Expression Mouth Formers

Made of clear vinyl, Natural Expression Mouth Formers are ready for fast, easy installation. No pre-shaping or pre-forming is necessary because their contoured design conforms closely to both natural and artificial outlines. The closer fit provided by the bite-indentation guide assures closing of the lips and reduction of moisture loss.

Velva Massage Cream

Used externally to retain moisture in the skin, giving it a smooth, velvety texture, and to help eliminate wrinkles. Velva Cream can also be employed with cotton when forming mouth features to prevent dehydration
of the lips and on the surface of eye caps to retain moisture in the eyelids.
1 lb. Jar

Frigid Trocar Applicator

Stainless steel applicator that perfectly interlocks with Frigid Trocar Buttons for a secure fit. makes application process a breeze. Sold Individually.

Frigid Trocar Buttons

Frigid's own finely threaded trocar button with a sharp point. Works in tandem with the Frigid Trocar Applicator, to form a perfect seel. Sold in packages of 144 (gross).

Perfection Eye Caps

Quality eye caps at a great price. Eye caps are oval with needle pointed perforations to hold lid in place. Available clear only. Price is for a 24 pack box.

Aron Alpha Sealer

The fastest and most effective way to seal lips, eyelids, and incisions. Aron Alpha is a high-strength, instant adhesive that dries clear and colorless in less than 45 seconds.
Price is for five (5) 2-gram bottles.

Trocar Buttons, Multi-Closure

The clear choice! Use our Multi-Closure buttons to close openings caused by I.V. lines, hypodermic incisions, trocars, tracheotomies, and feeding tubes. Compatible with 2-prong trocar button applicator.
50 per Box

Dental Simulators

Dental Simulators with wire to easily shape and form around mouth. 12 per box

Webril Prep Towel

Webril® Prep Towels are 100% non-woven cotton fabric. One towel will absorb up to 10 times its own weight in liquid, and adheres to itself when folded, making an excellent “instant bandage.” Towels come in a convenient 8” x 15” size, but can be torn lengthwise in even strips or cut with scissors to meet exact specifications.
Price is for one 50 sheet roll.

Frigid Calvarium Clamps

Frigid Calvarium Clamps feature a Slotted/Phillips Combo Screw for your convenience. Clamps sold in packs of 20.

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