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Skin Seal

SKin Seal is a Liquid sealant used to cover sutured or glued incisions. It may be applied as a base for cosmetic application where tissue is compromised or weeping and is also excellent for sealing cuts where hair is present. Skin Seal dries Clear.

Frigid Calvarium Clamps

Frigid Calvarium Clamps feature a Slotted/Phillips Combo Screw for your convenience. Clamps sold in packs of 20.

Respirator Cartridge

Respirator Cartridge

Perfection Eye Caps

Quality eye caps at a great price. Eye caps are oval with needle pointed perforations to hold lid in place. Available clear only. Price is for a 24 pack box.


Spray on to mask burns, bruises and other discolorations. Also available in beige.

Restor Skin – Beige

Spray on to mask burns, bruises and other discolorations. Also available in Neutral.

FLX-A-POST Magnetic Flag Stand

FLX-A-POST Magnetic Funeral Stand. Magnetic base and post only. Funeral banner/flag sold seperately

Magnetic Hose Holder

Attaches to any metal surface close to a work area. Great for keeping hoses in place while tending to other work.

Suction Cup Hose-Holder

Suction Cup Hose-Holder

Injector Needles, Stainless

Stainless steel injector needles. Manufactured by Instrument Design Co.


Barrier Gown L/XL, Yellow

Rapid Refresh™ Gowns maximize safety by protecting embalmers from superbugs that can live for weeks or months on most surfaces. Proper and consistent use of personal protection equipment, including Rapid Refresh™ gowns, can aid in the reduction of HAIs.

Barrier Gown L/XL, Yellow


Magnetic flag post that will cling to all metal and most vinyl surfaced vehicles. Many flags and banners available to use with the post.


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