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Cotton Suture Thread

7 cord cotton, 1 lb. white.

Formaldehyde Respirator Mask

3M protective respirator mask for use in the Prep Room or whenever there is potential of exposure to formaldehyde. This is only the mask – disposable respirator cartridges are sold separately.

X-O Odor Neutralizer – 1 Gallon

An all-natural odor neutralizer, X-O is safer than chemical alternatives. While some products are used to mask unpleasant odors, X-O eliminates odors permanently.
Spray into the air or directly onto a surface to obtain an odorless environment.
1 Gallon
Also available in 8 oz. and 16 oz. size.


For use on incisions, lacerations, abrasions, punctures and skin slips. Provides a complete seal to dry tissue that eliminates leaks. Easy peal and stick application.


A germicidal detergent that disinfects and deodorizes, Maxima is effective in hard waters up to 400 PPM.


Blank Manilla Toe Tags

Blank Manilla Toe Tags


Black Cotton Thread

1 lb. roll of 7 cord cotton thread, black


Hexaphene MA-22 is Hexaphene Chemistry but in a heavier mass and more viscous form. It is the perfect material for treating certain conditions. A mass of Hexaphene MA-22 placed inside a rubber or plastic stocking is all that is required for treating dropsical or edematous lower limbs. The limb will be thoroughly embalmed and dehydrated.

Adjusto Block – Black Rubber

Black rubber headrest that can be used as an arm or leg rest as well as a dressing block.

Sta-Seal Gallon – 6 lbs.

Seals incisions to prevent seepage. Sets instantly and shapes itself. Adheres flawlessly and dries quickly.
Gallon pail – 6 lbs. (also available in 9.2oz. bottle)

N95 Particulate Respirator

This disposable N95 particulate respirator helps provide reliable respiratory protection against certain oil and non-oil based particles. Constructed with a carbon filter layer for nuisance levels of acid gases.
Price is for a 35 per box.

Bexinerary Containers

Each case consists of 24 containers made of sturdy steel with a gold enamel finish and snap-close air-tight lid. Each container is packed inside a wood grain cardboard box. The Frigid Bexinerary Container is the most simple, safe and respectful product for the economical transport of cremains.
Price is for a 24 pack case.

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