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Sta-Seal – 9.2 oz. Bottle

Seals incisions to prevent seepage. Sets instantly and shapes itself. Adheres flawlessly and dries quickly.
9.2oz. bottle (also available in 6 lb pail)


Intended for bonding eye lids, lips, incisions, lacerations, abrasions, and punctures. Non-clogging easy to hold applicator. Bonds instantly with no delays for long drying times.

Aron Alpha Sealer

The fastest and most effective way to seal lips, eyelids, and incisions. Aron Alpha is a high-strength, instant adhesive that dries clear and colorless in less than 45 seconds.
Price is for five (5) 2-gram bottles.

Skin Seal

SKin Seal is a Liquid sealant used to cover sutured or glued incisions. It may be applied as a base for cosmetic application where tissue is compromised or weeping and is also excellent for sealing cuts where hair is present. Skin Seal dries Clear.


Seal-O-Tite is a highly flexible, transparent lacquer for permanently sealing incisions against leakage. It is waterproof and recommended for post-mortem seams, surgical incisions, and as an adhesive for restorative art work. Large wounds may be filled by coating with Seal-O-Tite and cotton or gauze in alternate layers.


For use on incisions, lacerations, abrasions, punctures and skin slips. Provides a complete seal to dry tissue that eliminates leaks. Easy peal and stick application.

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