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Spring for Sand Protector

Sand protector spring for the worm shaft. Works on all Imperial, Master and Standard devices.

Bearing for Top of Worm Gear

Ball Bearing For the Top of the Worm Gear. Bearing is pressed into the spider plate on both Imperial and Master model lowering devices.

Imperial Worm / Helical Gear

Worm / Helical Gear Assembly Complete for the Imperial Device

Standard Worm/Helical Gear Asmbly

Standard Worm/ Helical Gear Assembly Complete

Master Worm/ Helical Gear

Worm / Helical Gear Assembly Complete for the Master Device

Casket Lowering Device Speed Control Parts Repair Kit

A Frigid Casket Lowering Device is a vital component of all cemeteries and burials, so it is important to keep your
casket lowering device in tip top shape. This kit consists of all the most common parts that will wear over its lifespan, as well as, all the
parts and custom tools needed to replace the speed control function of the operating end. Kit available Oct. 5, 2018.

Kit Includes:

  • Governor
  • Bearing for top of worm
  • Governor shaft bushing
  • Bronze gear with ratchet and pins
  • Bearing for bottom of worm
  • Worm shaft sand protector
  • Hand Brake
  • Governor adjustment tool
  • Worm shaft spring for sand protector
  • Governor brake disc with studs
  • Hand Brake leather
  • Hand brake set screw and nut
  • Worm/Helical gear
  • Steel ball for bottom/top of governor
  • Frigid Parts Replacement Poster
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