Bexinerary Containers

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Each case consists of 24 containers made of sturdy steel with a gold enamel finish and snap-close air-tight lid. Each container is packed inside a wood grain cardboard box. The Frigid Bexinerary Container is the most simple, safe and respectful product for the economical transport of cremains.
Price is for a 24 pack case.

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The Frigid Bexinerary Container is the simplest, most useful and most economical item of its type available. With its large capacity (6” in diameter, 6 3/4” in height, 190 cubic in.), sturdy construction (steel with gold enamel finish) and snap-close, air-tight lid, it is indispensable for shipping cremains. Comes with telescoping cardboard shipping container (also available separately). Sorry, no broken cases permitted.
Price is for a 24 pack case.


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