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Fluid Usage Guide

Our Embalming Fluid Usage Guide with baseline usage and dilution recommendations was developed with input from our consulting embalmers and chemist. Of course body condition and desired final result, plus your experience, can modify these ratios. Intermittent drainage technique is recommended to assure adequate vascular pressure and thorough distribution of arterial fluids. Rose Colortone may be added at ½ -1 ounce per gallon for additional cosmetic effect based on the embalmer’s desired results.

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Frigid Fluid Co. Embalming Fluid Usage Guide

Guia: Como Usar el Fluido para Embalsamar (Espanol)


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Arterial Fluids (in descending index order)

Rigid (35 index)
36 Plus (33 index, Silitech)
Tissue Guard 32 (32 index, lanolin based)
Standard (32 index)
Eotone (27 index)
Lanol-Tex (22 index, lanolin based)
Natural Tone (20 index, Silitech)
X-20 (20 index, Silitech)<
Perfect Tone (18 index, Silitech)

Pre- and Co-Injection Fluids (in alphabetical order)

Color Guard I – Jaundice (no preservative properties)
Leak Guard
Plasma Flo
Premium Jaundice (8 index)
Rose Colortone Dye
Solvol (Pre-injection)
Tissue Aid
Water/Clot Guard

Cavity Fluids (in alphabetical order)

Cavity King
Dry Guard (21 index)
5-Purpose Cavity (8 index)
Cavity 55 (8 index)
Premium Cavity (7 index)

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