The Frigid Embalming Machine

Operation overview of the brand new Frigid Embalming Machine, including a quick start guide on how to perform the initial setup of your machine.


Casket Placer Set

The Frigid Placer Set is a Cemetery favorite and makes loading a casket a cinch. See how to install it, step by step.

Oil & Lube a Frigid Lowering Device

To maximize the longevity of your Frigid Casket Lowering Device, make sure to keep up with a routine Maintenance schedule.

With Polish Subtitles: Jak odpowiednio wykonać smarowanie windy pogrzebowej Frigid Fluid

With Italian Subtitles: Come lubrificare in modo adeguato il calaferetri Frigid Fluid

Adjusting the Lowering Device Speed Control

If your Frigid Casket Lowering Device seems to be lowering at an unfavorable speed, This video provides instructions on how to adjust its speed.

With Spanish Subtitles: Como Adjustar El Control de Velocidad de Un Descensor De Ataudes

With Polish Subtitles: Regulacja predkości opuszczania windy pogrzebowej Frigid Fluid

With German Subtitles: Anpassung der Geschwindigkeit eines Frigid Sargversenkers

With Italian Subtitles: Come Regolare la Velocità di Discesa di un Calaferetri Frigid Fluid

Frigid Infant/Urn Lowering Device Set Up

The Infant/Urn Lowering Device was carefully crafted with urn and smaller caskets in mind, while maintaining the look and quality of our other Signature products.

Removing Operating End of the Lowering Device

This video provides instructions on how to remove, package and send in your Frigid Casket Lowering Device for repair.

Streamliner Mobile Stand and Casket Carrier

The Frigid Streamliner gives you the option for a fully mobile and safe gravesite set up. Making set up and take down a breeze.

Frigid Fluid Hercules Lift

The Hercules will be your best friend for raising and lowering heavy vaults, assisting in exhuming caskets, and positioning heavy monuments.

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